Chiropractic for runners

Friday, December 13th, 2013

My son and I completed the Seattle half marathon on Sunday 12/1/13. The event was well done with adequate facilities, water stations and excellent traffic control.

The only issues were the physical health of the athletes! I was well prepared except that I took a two week break from training just before the event due to a calf strain which occurred on a training run. My son had just finished his cross country season so he was prepared for up to 8 miles.

After the calf strain I took time away from running but was able to bike without irritating the torn area. I rode the road bike on 1 to 4 hour rides to keep my endurance up and have some fun at the same time. I received chiropractic care to keep the nerves active to the injured area and used active release technique (ART) on the muscle to speed healing.

The weather was windy, cloudy and 45 degrees as we started the race in the morning twilight at 7:30. There were about 7,000 participants in the half marathon that day but I had learned from experience to start near the front to avoid being stuck in a crowd.

After the start, the pack thinned out fairly quickly and we could just run and not worry about tripping, elbows or pressure. When the breeze was in my face I found a runner to follow. When the breeze was at my back I let it push me as much as possible.